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Train your Business English Communication Skills

About this Course

Do you actively participate in business conversations or discussions in English? If you believe you could participate and contribute more, this course is for you.


This course develops and practices the business communication skills and the professional business language you’ll need to actively participate and take a leadership role in business conversations and discussions in English.


This course builds your professional vocabulary, your understanding of cross-cultural communication strategies and develops your confidence to have a positive impact in business conversations.

Whether you are on a conference call, in a business meeting, in a business presentation or socializing with foreign colleagues or customers, you need to be able to manage conversations, avoid misunderstandings, handle questions, share your ideas, and express your opinions politely and professionally.

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for anyone who uses English to communicate in business. Whether you are an entry-level employee, supervisor, department manager or senior manager, you’ll benefit from this course. 

If you are just beginning your business career, the communication skills and professional language will make your more confident and effective at work. If you are a more experienced professional, the communication skills will improve your communication style, help you to manage and take a leadership role in business discussions and conversations.

What you will learn

In this course you will learn how to:


  • interrupt professionally to ask a question in a formal and informal business situation

  • make comments professionally during a business discussion

  • clarify questions to provide clear answers 

  • use four strategies to deal with difficult questions in business

  • confirm and clarify information in business conversations

  • use communication strategies to avoid confusion and deal with misunderstandings 

  • express strong and tentative opinions to clearly communicate your ideas

  • offer different opinions and ideas without offending colleagues

  • express different degrees of agreement in business

  • disagree professionally without offending colleagues

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