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Boost your business socializing skills

About this Program

Socializing Skills in English

Who is this program for?

If you socialize or have opportunities to network with international colleagues or business people and you'd like to be more comfortable spending time with them, this program will benefit you.


Meeting new people, creating a positive impression and building a strong rapport are important parts of business socializing. To successfully socialize with international colleagues or customers, you need to understand the characteristics of a great conversation, to understand cross-cultural barriers to communication and to know how to use conversation strategies to make conversations natural and enjoyable.

Our Socializing Skills in English program consists of two courses. 'How to be a Great Conversationalist’, teaches how to become someone that others enjoy talking to, making it easier to socialize in English. Our, ‘How to have a Natural Conversation in English’, course teaches the practical techniques needed to have a natural conversation and develops your confidence and ability to have casual conversations in social situations in English.

This program is designed for professionals who want to be confident when meeting, making small talk, socializing and networking in English. Whether you are socializing with foreign colleagues, entertaining foreign customers or networking to expand your contacts, this program will help you succeed in your goals.

How to be a Great Conversationalist

About this course

This course focuses on teaching you how to create interesting conversations in English, how to make other people enjoy meeting and talking to you and how to choose topics that are suitable for a casual conversation, while avoiding culturally-sensitive topics.

You’ll learn how to create a great first impression, how to build a strong rapport and how to avoid common conversation mistakes.

You’ll also learn how to use communication strategies and conversation management techniques that help you to comfortably socialize in English

What you will learn

In this course you will learn how to:


  • use communication techniques to have a great conversation

  • help others to relax and enjoy the conversation

  • show interest in others and be a great listener

  • keep others engaged while you speak

  • create a natural conversation so you are an interesting person to talk to

  • avoid common mistakes in a conversation

  • make a great first impression

  • build rapport in a casual conversation

  • use question techniques to create more meaningful conversations

  • understand how western culture affects conversation topics

  • choose suitable and avoid unsuitable conversation topics

  • bring up new conversation topics naturally

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How to be a have a Natural Conversation in English

About this course

This course develops your ability to begin, continue and end a casual conversation naturally in English using a number of different communication strategies and conversation management techniques.

You’ll learn how to start a conversation with small talk, how to take the initiative to bring up new topics during silences in the conversation and how to use current topics to keep the conversation moving forward naturally.

You’ll also learn to use English to communicate in the different situations you might meet in a casual conversation

What you will learn

In this course you will learn how to:


  • begin a conversation in a social situation

  • use small talk to help others relax at the beginning of a conversation

  • end or leave a conversation smoothly

  • bring up new conversation topics easily and naturally

  • use conversation techniques to introduce new topics

  • avoid using a Q & A conversation format

  • use communication strategies to create meaningful conversations

  • extend current conversations naturally

  • make use of personal information to extend conversations

  • use cultural information to create conversations

  • manage different social situations in English

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