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Choose the best training format for your company

Four Training Solutions to Choose From
Face2Face Classroom Training / NextGen Corporate Language Training in Taiwan

Face2Face Classroom Training

Guided practice with support and feedback from a trainer

Face2Face training is suitable when you want to use a trainer to teach business communication skills and business English to groups of 1-15 learners in regularly scheduled training classes or seminars in a classroom. 


  • learners practice and get feedback from their trainer

  • learners build confidence and increase their fluency through practice

  • practicing in groups with interesting learning activities motivates learners

  • learners collaborate in groups to build communication and interpersonal skills

  • learners practice using realistic business situations 

E-learning at NextGen Corporate Language Training in Taiwan


Self-paced learning content available anytime, anywhere 

E-learning is great for delivering training when you need to track progress, get measurable results and detailed reports. It's ideal if you need training to be accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week for learners in multiple locations. E-learning is scalable and is great no matter how many people you need to train.


  • learners make most progress when they can study at their own pace

  • learning activities are focused, short and great for learning step-by-step

  • realistic business situations help learner practice real communication

  • learners are motivated because they can track their own progress online

  • training is easy to deploy, easy to manage and easy to measure

Webinars / NextGen Corporate Language Training in Taiwan

Virtual Classrooms & Webinars

Training delivered online by a professional trainer

Virtual classrooms and webinars are a great way to teach professional business English and business communication skills to a large group of learners [up to 100] in multiple locations with a limited budget. Virtual training is ideal for learners who can't attend training in-person and for learners who have different levels of English.



  • trainers deliver learning content to any size group in a short period of time

  • trainers can explain ideas in more detail

  • learners with different levels of English can choose to listen, type questions and comments or speak

  • training is extremely easy to implement for any size of training group

Blended Learning at NextGen Corporate Language Training in Taiwan

Blended Learning

Combine the advantages of face2face training with the advantages of online learning for the most effective training results

Blended learning is perfect, if you need training that is effective with concrete, measurable results and you need flexible training in multiple locations. It's the most effective way to learn because it combines the advantages of online learning with the advantages of face2face training. 

Because you can combine different delivery methods [face2face, e-learning, webinars], blended learning is perfect if you need different training solutions for different groups.


  • learning self-paced content online and then attending face2face training to practice is the most effective way to learn according to research

  • learners who first use self-study content online benefit more from face2face training

  • trainers don't waste valuable class time explaining content that has been studied online

  • you can provide training to learners with different schedules, working in different locations

  • with a learning management system [LMS] training is easy to deploy, manage and measure 

  • learners are motivated by a trainer in face2face training and by tracking their progress online


1-to-1 Business Communication Skills Coaching

Biz Communication Consulting

1-to-1 business communication coaching is a service we provide to help you prepare for a business presentation, an important meeting, a business trip or any important upcoming business event. We also provide email support services and we can create customized content upon request.

Business Communication Projects

A one-time consultation or a short-term project to help you to prepare for an important business event or upgrade an important business document.


Writing Support Projects

We create customized email templates for your team to use in business and we create short training videos on how to structure the email, how to use professional language and how to use each template.

Content Development Projects

Our content production team can create specialized business content that you can use to train your team to communicate professionally on topics related to your business

Blended Learning

Blended Learning

How does Blended Learning Work?

Blended learning describes any training that combines online and face2face classroom instruction.

E-learning Content

Learners first use e-learning content to understand, practice and learn business communication skills and language using a variety of interactive learning activities.

Online Learning



Blended Learning

Face2Face Training

After using e-learning to understand the content, learners attend face2face training. Learning efficiency increases because the learners enter the classroom fully prepared to participate. This means the trainer doesn’t spend time explaining the content, but builds on what learners have learned through e-learning and focuses on practice, guidance and providing focused feedback.


Webinars provide another training option for learning business communication skills, for reviewing important concepts and for getting a deeper understanding or cultural issues related to communication.

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