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Build confidence with our Business English Language Courses

Business English Content

Business English Language Training Courses

Customized Course Design


Our Business English language training courses focus on developing fluency, increasing business vocabulary and building the confidence needed to communicate effectively in business situations in English. 
The learning content is designed to provide learners with high-quality, professional English that is practical and can be used immediately to improve communication at work.

We design customized courses on a number of business-related topics based on your requirements using a systematic course design process.

Our Training Approach: Task-Based Learning

Research shows that language learners make most progress when they actively participate to solve problems in realistic business situations. That's why we use a task-based learning approach in our Business English language training program.

Trainers using a task-based learning approach deliver effective training in five steps.

Step 1

A business communication task

The learners have a clearly defined business communication task to complete. 

Step 2

The language to complete the task

The trainer teaches the language that the learners need to successfully complete their task.

Step 3

Guided practice

Learners work in teams and groups to practice using the language in realistic business situations.

Step 4

Demonstrate learning

Learners demonstrate that they can use the language they've learned to successfully complete the task.

Step 5

Trainer feedback

The trainer evaluates the learners and gives them focused feedback on their performance.

Teaching Method: Task Based Learning

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