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Business English Emails: Report a successful project - formal & informal emails

In the email below, Susan Chen, the Promotion Manager, is writing an internal email to her supervisor, Mr. Sorenson, to report on the success of a recent project.

This is a great example of a professional email. She highlights the successes, points out something to improve and thanks her supervisor for his support.

The email is well-organized and the language is professional and appropriate.

The next email is an example of how to write an email describing a successful project in a more informal style when you know your boss well.

In this email, Susan uses informal language. She uses his first name – Matt making the email more personal.

Although she uses less formal language and she is more personal, she communicates the main points and thanks everybody for their work.

Comparing the two emails, we can see that the Susan uses more informal language in the informal email. She greets her manager by his first name, Matt; not Mr. Sorenson. The email is more personal because she knows her manager.

If you don't know your manager well, the formal email is more appropriate. If you know him well, the informal email is a good example.


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