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Use this Business Email template to check if a project is on schedule

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

Writing business emails in English is one of those things that makes even experienced business people a little nervous. You need to communicate clearly using the right kind of professional language for the right tone. You don't want your email to be too formal or too informal. And of course you must begin the email with a clear purpose and end appropriately.

The template below is designed to help you write an email to a team member or colleague to check on the progress of a project. The template is well organized to include all the information you require. It also includes the professional language you need to get an update on a project.

This email clearly states what you want to know using language that is polite, but professional.

You clearly point out which project your are discussing. You ask for information, mention the deadline, mention follow-up plans and you ask if your team member is on schedule. You also state that if your team member isn't on schedule, he/she should do something.

In the last paragraph, you offer more resources and point out how important the project is. This an excellent email template, which provides you with the structure and language to communicate clearly in this business situation.


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