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Business Presentation Skills: Use tripling to create a powerful message

Tripling means that the presenter wants to emphasis three points by repeating the same or a similar sentence pattern to create a powerful message.

We often see business leaders and political leaders using this tripling technique to emphasis something they have said.

So how does it work?

There are actually four tripling techniques, I've included three of them here.

Tripling Technique 1: Tripling with full sentences

If you want to emphasis that we've reached our goals with hard work, dedication and team work, you could use this technique:

1. We’ve achieved our goals through hard work.

2. We’ve achieved our goals through dedication.

3. We’ve achieved our goals through team work.

In this technique, you repeat the whole sentence three times including the three key points.

Tripling Technique 2: Tripling with key phrases

In this technique, you repeat the three key points, but only with key phrases; not the complete sentence.

We’ve achieved our goals

1. through hard work,

2. through dedication

3. and through team work.

Tripling Technique 3: Tripling with key words

Here, the speaker wants to highlight three points and does this by focusing on the key words [not phrases or sentences].

We’ve achieved our goals through

1. hard work,

2. dedication

3. and team work.

Of course the speaker must make effective use of emphasis and pause when delivering each of these.

The rule of three

If you say this out loud, you'll realize that four is too many. For this technique to be effective, it must be three points; not more. Four is too many.


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