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Management English: Use professional Business English to assign a project

Updated: Nov 22, 2018

Working with international colleagues, using business English can be challenging, but managing through English is much more challenging. A manager who needs to assign tasks and projects to his or her foreign team must use professional language.

Let's take a look as some high-quality, business English you can use to assign or delegate a task in English.

This business language is professional and effective. If you use this kind of language to assign a task, you'll be able to motivate your team and clarify the task.

  • I'd like you to supervise / oversee ..... This is an excellent way to assign a task. Don't say, "You must ..." or "You need to ..." "I'd like you to ..." is polite and professional.

  • "I'm assigning your the task of ..." is very professional.

  • "I'm delegating you the task of ..." is also an excellent way to communicate with your team.

Try not to use simple or every day language. For example, saying, "I"m giving you a job to do", does communicate the task, but not very professionally.

This language can also be used in professional business emails.


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