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What we teach today,                      you use tomorrow

Our Mission


NextGen Corporate Language Training specializes in the design and delivery of business communication skills in Taiwan.


Our in-house content production team create bespoke training materials specifically for Taiwanese professionals and is the result of 25 years’ research & development in top-tier organisations in Taiwan. 


Our mission is simple – to help move Taiwan forward. By empowering individuals in Taiwan through Next Generation training, we aim to make Taiwan more competitive on the global stage.

Why Choose NextGen Corporate Language Training?

5 Reasons to Choose Us

1. We show you the difference before and after the training

We demonstrate progress by comparing the trainees’ performance before and after the training. We provide performance reports showing measurable results, so you can easily see their benefits of the training.

2. We guarantee your training results

We measure the results of the training, so we know strengths and weaknesses of every trainee. So trainees who are having difficulties will continue to receive training at no extra cost until they reach their learning goals. That’s our guarantee!

3. We can deal with all your corporate English training objectives

Let us help you! We deliver training face2face in the classroom, through e-learning, webinars and through blended learning [a combination of online and face2face training], so you’re sure to find a training solution to meet your needs. 

4. We are flexible

Our training content is designed in modules so you can choose what you learn. You can change the content during the training. We use four different training delivery methods so you can choose when, where and how you want your training delivered

5. We motivate your team to participate in their own learning

Our different corporate English training delivery methods have something for every kind of learner. Training content is practical, interactive and engaging. Learners are motivated by our engaging, interactive and practical business English training content, which is accessible online anytime, anywhere making it easy for learners to fit e-learning into their daily schedule.

Our Corporate English Training Services

Whether you need to enhance the English communication skills of your management team, improve your employees' fluency, confidence and business vocabulary, help your team to communicate more effectively by email or you have a specific short-term or learning objective, we have a training program that will meet your needs.

Business Communication Skills Training

Develop and practice the business communication skills you need to communicate professionally in business.

Business English Language Training

Build the fluency, professional business vocabulary and confidence to communicate in business.

1-to-1 Business Coaching

Prepare for important upcoming business events, or work on other business-related communication projects 

Our Training Services

How we Deliver your Corporate English Training in Taiwan

How we Deliver your Training

Face2Face Classroom Training

Our interactive face2face training provides learners with opportunities to increase their business vocabulary, fluency and confidence by practicing their business communication skills and professional language. They work in groups to complete realistic business communication tasks while their trainer provides guidance, support and feedback on their performance.


E-Learning Content

Our e-learning content is delivered online and accessible to learners anytime, anywhere, so they can study at their own pace. It's designed to teach key communication skills and professional language using a variety of short, interactive learning activities including videos, listening exercises, interactive communication tasks, games, quizzes, and business scenarios. 


Trainer-Led Webinars

Webinars, presentations delivered online by a trainer, are ideal for teaching business English and business communication skills in a short period of time. The trainer presents the learning content while learners either listen, interact by typing questions and comments into the chat box or participate by speaking. Webinars can train large groups of learners [up to 100] in multiple locations.


Blended Learning 

Blended learning combines online learning with face2face training  Learners get the benefits of online learning [self-paced study, flexible delivery, focused learning activities] and the benefits of face2face training [practice with guidance and feedback from a trainer]. They make more progress when they first learn content online and then attend face2face training. Because they understand the content, they are ready to fully participate and the trainer builds on what they've learned online.

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