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What Makes Us Different? 是什麼讓我們與眾不同?

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

We offer a new and innovative approach to corporate language training based on our understanding of how people learn languages, our expertize in learning content development and our focus on having clearly defined learning objectives that are measurable.


1. Our approach to training means you can measure training results: One of the biggest differences is in our approach to training. Many training courses fail to meet expectations because they lack learning goals. Without clear goals, how can trainees succeed? Because our training has clearly defined learning goals, we design learning materials to reach those goals and we create assessment tools to evaluate performance. Both trainees and our clients can hold us accountable for the results of the training.

1. 我們的培訓方法讓您能清楚衡量培訓成效:



2. Our Innovative delivery means a lot of flexibility for clients: Many training programs are rigid and suffer from declining attendance. Because we deliver learning content online, we can train people with different English levels, in different locations and on different schedules. Our content is organized into courses and modules, so our clients can choose exactly what they want to learn, when they want to learn it and how they want us to deliver it. In addition, because our training is scalable, we can design and deliver training for any size budget.

2. 創新的課程服務讓客戶擁有完全的彈性及自主性:



3. Our blended learning approach makes it easier to manage training: Our online and face2face training is managed and scheduled through a LMS [Learning Management System]. This allows trainees to access e-learning content anytime; anywhere, to check their schedules and to track their progress. Training managers can also easily monitor progress and access a variety of reports to better understand how their trainees are performing and which courses are most useful and popular.

3. 複合式的學習模組讓培訓變得易如反掌:


4. Our understanding of how people learn makes training more effective: We understand that to succeed learners need to study at their own pace, to practice in meaningful situations and to review what they’ve learned. Therefore, we’ve designed self-paced e-learning, so learners make progress at their own pace. In the classroom, our trainers use learning activities that focus on using real business English to solve business-related communication tasks. In addition, our webinars provide trainees with opportunities to review and reinforce what they learned. This systematic approach helps your trainees to learn and retain what they’ve learned.

4. 我們對人類學習歷程的專業了解使我們的培訓事半功倍



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