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Business Socializing Skills: 3 Tips for having a great conversation in English

Updated: Nov 22, 2018

Having a great conversation in English isn't just about speaking, using good vocabulary and making few mistakes. There are other important factors in having a great conversation. Here are three things that make your conversation more interesting and make other people want to speak to you.

1. Make good eye contact:

In eastern culture, making direct eye contact can be seen as rude, but in the west, not making eye contact is considered rude. In western culture, a lack of eye contact suggests that you are not interested in the conversation or that you are not confident or that you are being dishonest.

"He looked me in the eye and told me he loved me."

[This language, "to look someone in the eye" means that you must tell the truth then you look someone in the eye.]

Making good eye contact is an important part of any conversation with a western colleague. By making eye contact, you are showing that you are interested and care about what other people are saying. When you are speaking to someone, look directly into his eyes.

2. Be an active listener

Being a good communicator is not just about speaking well, but just as importantly, it’s about being a good listener. By listening actively and focusing on the other person, you are showing that you are interested in what she is saying and that you care about her. This not only makes that person feel better, but it actually encourages the other person to talk more.

How you can listen actively:

  1. Pay full attention to what she is saying. Don’t just think about what you are going to say next.

  2. Focus on the topic of conversation. Keep to the point of the conversation and don’t move on to other topics just because you know them.

  3. Use appropriate body language. You can nod your head or use facial gestures.

  4. Make appropriate comments as she speaks to show your are listening and interested. “That’s interesting” “Really?” “Is that so?’ “That’s great.” “I’m sorry to hear that.”

3. Be positive

Everyone likes to communicate with positive people. If you want to have a good conversation, it’s important to be positive. Being positive creates a good impression and makes others happy to talk to you.

If you have a positive attitude towards life, other people will feel good talking to you because you will make them feel positive.

People seldom like to communicate with someone who complains, makes negative comments and has a negative attitude.

Actually, many books written to help people improve themselves state clearly that it's important to talk to people who have a positive attitude and avoid people who constantly complain or have a negative attitude.

Use these three tips when having a conversation and other people will enjoy and want to speak to you.


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