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HR Professionals: What to look for in a business English training course

Designing and delivering an effective language training program with clearly defined learning objectives, focused content and measurable results requires a deep understanding and expertize in three important areas.

When a training & development manager is considering a language training vendor, it's useful to pay attention to these three areas.

1. Content Development [Instructional Design]

A business English training course committed to helping trainees reach clearly defined learning goals and showing concrete progress must use focused learning content. The content must be designed and organized to ensure that trainees successfully complete their communicative tasks. Designing and creating this content requires expertize and experience with instructional design. Only experienced content developers can successfully create an effective business English course.

2. Teaching & Learning Theory

Delivering high-quality language training requires a deep understanding of teaching and learning theory. Only if you understand how people learn a second language, can your design learning content and use teaching methods that help trainees learn business English. Using teaching methods that aren't effective guarantees that trainees won't learn effectively.

3. Innovative Delivery:

Creating effective content and using best practice teaching methods are important, but when delivering language training to corporate clients, it's important to make learning accessible to trainees. Trainees need to be able to use the content and not miss valuable learning content. It's also important to make training manageable, flexible and measurable.

When planning your language training, choose vendors with expertize in these three areas.


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