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HR Professionals: Get measurable results with Task-Based Learning

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

When learning activities have clearly defined learning goals, using a task-based learning approach focuses each trainee on reaching those goals.

Task-based learning focuses on teaching how to complete communicative tasks.

  • Learning Goal: With task-based learning, trainees have a communicative task they need to complete, for example, using professional business language to express opinions in a meeting.

  • Focused Learning Activities: The trainer creates activities that allow trainees to use high-quality language to practice expressing opinions.

  • Demonstrate Competence: At the end of the activity, the trainees conduct short presentations or role plays to demonstrate their abiliity.

  • Evaluate Performance: The trainer uses detailed assessment rubrics to evaluate their performance.

Task-based learning is perfect for corporate training where HR and Training managers want to see concrete results.

Task-Based Learning

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