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HR Managers: For best results combine online e-learning with classroom instruction -blended learning

Blended learning combines the benefits of self-paced online e-learning content with the advantages of Face2Face classroom instruction.

What is Blended Learning?

Trainees access e-learning content online to study and learn key concepts and language at their own pace. [Studies show that trainees make most progress when they have opportunities to study at their own pace.]

Learners then attend scheduled Face2Face seminars to get a deeper understanding of the content and to practice using it in job-related business communication situations.

Benefits of Blended Learning

  • Flexibility: Trainees study e-learning anytime, anywhere making it completely flexible. It also means that they never miss using learning content.

  • Efficiency: A well-planned blended learning strategy delivers training efficiently and rapidly to a large number of learners. Blended learning solutions are easy to deploy, monitor and manage and can be delivered to a variety of locations.

  • Cost-Effective: Online learning content, accessible anytime, anywhere, maximizes the use of training budgets as learners don't miss valuable training content. Learners don't experience schedule disruption, which negatively impacts productivity. In addition, online training substantially cuts transportation time and costs for trainers, trainees and companies.

  • Accountability: Content delivered online can be tracked and measured. Learners can access reports to check their progress. Training managers can easily access reports online getting information on each learner's participation and performance.

  • Standardization: E-learning training content can be delivered to large numbers of learners, who all benefit from standardized content designed and created by a subject-matter expert. Delivering high-quality content that is standardized guarantees consistency in training across the whole organization.

More and more companies are using blended learning to train their employees. Combining online learning and Face2Face learning.


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