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Business English Emails: Report on an unsuccessful project

Updated: Nov 22, 2018

In the email below Susan Chen, the Promotion Manager, is writing an internal email to her supervisor to report on poor results in a recent project.

This is a great example of a professional email. She clearly explains the problems and points out some positive things for the future.

It’s well-organized to communicate clearly and the language is professional and appropriate.

Now take a look at an informal email reporting poor results on a project.

In this email, Susan communicates clearly using more informal language. Her email is more personal showing that the knows her manager.

Although she uses less formal language and she is more personal, she is also professional and she organizes her email well.

If we compare these two emails, we see that the second email uses much more informal language, more natural language and she is more personal because Susan knows Matt well. In the first email, she probably doesn't know him so well. That means she uses more formal language and longer sentences. She uses his family name, not his first name.

Both emails are great examples of how to us appropriate language and how to organize ideas and communicate clearly.

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