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Business English Emails: Send an Email to get a progress report [formal & informal]

Get a progress report. Look at the same email written in two ways, formally and informally. This shows us the differences between writing in formal and informal business English.

An Informal Business English Email

In the email below, Ellen Gray, the vice president of marketing, is writing an email to Tom and Mary, to get a progress report.

This is a great example of a professional email.

  • The email is well-organized to make sure it’s easy to understand.

  • The language is professional and clear.

  • Ellen communicates directly, but isn’t rude.

  • She also focuses on results, but uses positive language.

An Informal Business English Email

In this email below, Kenny uses a much more informal style and much more informal language to communicate with Jenny [not Mrs. White]

It’s clear from this informal email that Kenny knows Mrs. White very well so he uses an informal email to communicate with her.


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