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Negotiation English: Use professional English to negotiate on price

Updated: Nov 22, 2018

Business negotiations can be difficult to manage even in your own language. It's much more difficult to negotiate in English because you need to use the right language in the correct situation. If you don't, you might upset the other party in the negotiation.

Let's look at some professional business English you can use to offer a price with some conditions.

The language above is excellent because it politely suggests a price, but only under certain conditions.

For example, saying,

"I'd be prepared to offer ......", doesn't actually mean you agree to offer. It only means

you'd offer this if ........

"I'd be willing to offer ....", also means you will only do this 'if' ....

"I can offer you ....", doesn't mean you will offer. It only means you 'can' if the other

person agrees to something.

To negotiate successfully in English, you need to learn this kind of professional negotiation English.


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