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Business Communication Skills: 4 things you must do to contribute in a business discussion

Communicating with international colleagues and customers by conference call has become an important part of conducting global business, but many non-native English speakers are nervous and find it difficult to actively participate in a conference call in English.

To actively participate and to make a positive contribution during an international conference call, you need to be able to do four things.

  1. Ask questions and make comments: If you don't feel confident asking questions or making comments, you'll probably sit quietly on a conference call. This means you won't participate and probably will give your colleagues a negative impression because you don't say anything.

  2. Deal with questions: When you speak, it's possible that your international colleagues will ask you questions, so you must be able to deal with different kinds of questions.

  3. Confirm & clarify information: During a conference call, you might not completely understand what your colleagues have said. If you don't know how to confirm or clarify information, it will be difficult for you to actively participate.

  4. Express opinions, agree and disagree: Finally, during a conference call you'll need to express yourself. You'll need to know how to professionally and politely agree or disagree with your colleagues.

In summary, if you want to contribute on an international conference call, you'll need to learn both effective communication strategies and the professional business English needed to ask questions and make comments, to deal with questions, to confirm and clarify information and to express opinions, agree and disagree.

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