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Business Socializing Skills: How to become a great conversationalist

In general the best conversationalists are those people who focus on others; not themselves.

Have you ever had a conversation where the other person just talked about himself;

"my job", 'my car", "my wife", "my holiday in Thailand".

This kind of person is boring because he only talks about himself and his life. You'll probably try to avoid talking to him.

On the other hand, have you ever had a wonderful conversation and then later thought about why you enjoyed that conversation so much.

Well, if you think about it, you probably enjoyed the conversation because the other person paid attention to you. That person showed interest in you and your life. He asked you questions and showed interest in your answer.

The best conversationalists do this. They focus on other people and show interest in them. That's why everyone loves talking to them.

I have some great friends who I love to talk to and one of the reasons is that they don't talk about themselves; they focus on me.

"Hi Brian, how are things at your work?" ........

"The last time we met, you mentioned your football team. How are they doing?" .......

"Have you seen any good movies lately?"

After the conversation, I feel great.

Although, to be honest, I should mention that I'm quite a good conversationalist too so I don't let them just focus on me. I also make sure to ask them plenty of questions about their lives.

Great conversationalists focus on others; not themselves.


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