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Blended Learning: Benefit from Online Learning & Face2face Classroom Instruction

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

Blended Learning: Online & face2face training

Our blended learning approach of combining online e-learning content and webinars with face2face classroom seminars to deliver language training to corporate clients provides the best return on investment for training budgets while delivering flexible learning content that is measurable, manageable and highly effective.

Our training is 100% customizable. You choose the content you want and you choose how the content is delivered; through e-learning, face2face seminars, webinars or any combination of these three.





E-learning Content:

Self-paced study for best results

According to research, learners make most progress when they have the chance to study at their own pace. Our interactive e-learning content allows trainees to study anytime and anywhere. Learning content is designed for self-paced study providing trainees with opportunities to learn and practice high-quality language.




Face2Face Training Seminars:

Make the best use of training time

Trainees who first have a chance to learn through e-learning can then fully benefit from practicing in a face2face seminar. Seminars provide trainees with opportunities to practice and get a deeper understanding of the content while getting guidance, support and feedback from a trainer.




Online Webinars:

Enhance learning and retention

Research shows that learners retain more if they have the chance to review what they’ve learned after finishing their course. Attending webinars gives trainees the opportunity to reinforce and review what they've learned improving their learning and retention.




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